What to Know about Car Insurance

in Michigan

Facts about Car Insurance in Michigan

From road construction to ice and blizzards, drivers in Michigan face a lot of obstacles. That is why if you own a vehicle in this state, you are required to have car insurance. Michigan is a “no-fault” state, meaning that if you are in an accident, your policy will cover injuries sustained by you and your passengers, regardless of fault. Your policy must include personal injury and property protection coverage as well as residual liability insurance, in case you cause grave injuries and/or an accident with an out-of-state driver.

More Michigan car insurance facts

  • There are about 300,000 accidents in this state each year.
  • About 75,000 of these accidents result in injuries.
  • 60% of accidents in Michigan occur in urban areas.
  • MI drivers collect about $1.1 billion in insurance claims each year.

Average Cost of Car Insurance in Michigan

Michigan has the highest car insurance rates in the country. While Americans pay an average rate of $1,311 a year for their car insurance, in this state the average cost is $2,476. Because every insurance company has a different method for calculating rates, comparison shopping can save you hundreds of dollars a year. Independent insurance agents make finding a reliable, yet competitively priced, policy easy and stress-free.

Average Cost of Car Insurance Per Year

average cost of car insurance in midwest

Why Choose an Independent Agent?

  • Independent insurance agents live and work in your community
  • These agents can shop around to help you find the best policies
  • Your agent can provide one-stop shopping for all your insurance needs

Find an independent agent in Michigan 

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What Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover?

Failure to carry car insurance in Michigan can result in fines, a 30-day suspension of your license and possible jail time. A basic minimum-coverage policy in Michigan will provide coverage for injuries to you and  your passengers, but it will not cover damage to your car. Optional coverage such as comprehensive and collision insurance are necessary if you want to be compensated for vehicle damage. 

  1. Personal injury protection (PIP): Required. Covers your medical expenses if you are injured in a collision. PIP can also provide up to 85% of your lost wages if your injuries leave you unable to work.
  2. Property protection insurance (PPI): Required. Covers up to $1 million in third-party property damage. It can pay for damage to structures and parked cars, but will not cover damage to moving vehicles involved in the accident.
  3. Residual liability coverage: Required. Covers third-party damage and injuries if you cause an accident with an out-of-state driver. It can also cover lawsuits if you cause a fatal accident or significant injuries.
  4. Collision insurance: Not Required. Covers collision damage to your vehicle, regardless of fault. For example, if you lose control of your car during a white-out blizzard and strike another vehicle. 
  5. Comprehensive insurance: Not Required. Covers non-collision damage to your vehicle.  For example, if your car is stolen, or if heavy snow causes a tree branch to break off and it falls on your parked car.

Top Insurance Companies That Support Independent Agents in Michigan 

There are currently 899 independent insurance agents in Michigan who are ready to help. Because independent agents are free to work with several different insurance companies, they can save you time and money by doing the comparison shopping legwork for you. Let a local agent help you review a variety of customized car insurance quotes so you can choose the policy that offers the best value.

Why go Independent

Why go Independent When looking for Car Insurance

  • One Call Multiple Quotes
  • Pay Less for More Coverage
  • Expertise in Your Community