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FAQ: Do I Need Business Insurance in Michigan?

Ask an Agent

Do I need business insurance in Michigan? What does business insurance cover in Michigan, and is business insurance required in my state? An insurance expert answers basic FAQs about business insurance requirements in Michigan.

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How to Drive in Snow in Michigan


With its famously harsh winter seasons, Michigan sees plenty of hazardous road conditions annually. That's why it's important for residents to learn how to drive in snow, and to work with a Michigan independent insurance agent to get set up with the right auto insurance coverage. Check out this guide to driving in snow.

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How to Insure a Grocery Store in Michigan

Lines of Insurance

Grocery stores face many of the same risks as all other businesses, with their own unique set of perils in addition. Luckily a Michigan independent insurance agent can help get you set up with the right grocery store insurance for your business. But first, here’s a closer look at why this coverage is so important.

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